Friday, July 8, 2011

Church of Saint Peter of Montmartre

Saint-Pierre de Montmartre is located on the north side of the Sacre-Coeur and excellent aerial photos can be done from the dome of the latter.

The church is built on a traditional Latin cross plan with three naves and a transept, and a tangle of medieval and later styles. The facade dates from the 17th century and the bronze doors of 1980 (by T. Gismondi).

Inside the ship is romance, but is covered with a 15th-century arch and flanked by aisles added in 1765 (north) and c.1838 (south). The windows are filled with stained glass windows of the 20th century.

The transept and the choir are also Romanesque, the choir and has one of the first pointed arches in Paris (c.1147). The apse was rebuilt in the late 12th century. Behind the altar is the tomb of the Adelaide Savioe, the foundress of the monastery and the mother of King Louis VI.

Four marble Roman columns with capitals Merovingian (seventh century) can be seen in the church: two on the west wall, an entrance to the apse and the north aisle.

Foundations of the Roman temple were discovered on the north side of the church. The cemetery (rarely open) contains the tomb of Louis circumnavigator Bougainville (1729-1811) and the sculptor Pigalle (1714-1785).

Next door is the Jardin du Calvaire (Calvary Garden, closed), the Stations of the Cross has made ​​for Richelieu.

Address: 2 rue du Mont-Cenis, F-75018 Paris, France

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