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Le Forum des Halles, Paris - Shopping

Le Forum des Halles, Paris - Shopping

This is your basic shopping mall with middle of the road level clothing, not too expensive, not too cheap, but cheaper than many stores on the street. I found several stores to shop in. The most intriguing thing about the place was the design. While slightly dated, I enjoyed exploring the grounds, particularly coming out of the food court area to the surface. The mall is a little confusing to find your way around once inside, but it gave me the opportunity to look at things more than once. There were far less people in the mall than in other places, plus it is protected from weather being that it is underground. Food court was lame, but the bathroom in the restaurant was free to walk in and.... I would eat above ground nearby.I must note that I liked this place much better than Galleries Lafayette, which, while a beautiful building, was a mess of people and stuff everywhere, too chaotic. Open every day but Sunday 10-7:30. The is also a parking garage nearby.

Is Les Halles shops opened on sundays?
Open every day but Sunday 10-7:30.

Shopping Map: Flea Markets in Paris

Shopping Map: Flea Markets in Paris

Open on a Sunday in Paris?
Answer: I don't know if you like Flea Markets (Marches des Puces)-- if you do, Sunday is the absolute best day to see them. I was only able to go to one while I was in Paris over the summer, but oh, did I wish I had more time.
IMO -- the best is Saint Ouen. Along rue de Rosiers, take the metro to Porte de Clingancourt. There is absolutely everything here. Open from about 9:00 - 6:00pm. The earlier in the day you go, the better it will be. I wouldn't go past noon.
I also really like the market at Place d'Aligre -- but you have to go early. Anything after noonish and you miss the best vendors. It is a smaller market, but the vendors are much more interested in haggling, which is fun, even in limited French. Lots of fruits and vegetables, clothing, knick knacks, some books, and a disturbing amount of what seemed to me to be pilfered cultural artifacts from Bali and SE Asia.

Paris Flea Market
Paris flea market is called "Le marche aux puces de Saint-Ouen". Inaugurated in 1885, it extends over six hectares in Saint-Ouen, a city close to Paris.
The Paris flea market welcomes every week 70 000 visitors during its opening days (Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays). The flea market is one of Paris most famous shopping venues.
The Paris flea market has 2000 shops selling everything from stylish furniture to old postcards.
In the fifties and sixties, the Paris flea market had a reputation as a place where you could buy intereseting old furniture at very low prices.
This is not the case anymore, but the Paris flea market is still a very interesting place to visit.
The choice is large. Prices are moderate to high.
The flea market is very Parisian. It is a true shopping experience. See flea market map below.
The Paris flea market is located on the edge of Paris in a popular and mostly ethnic district. It is close to Montmartre. Locate it on Paris map.
The Paris flea market is open from 10am to 7pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
The flea market can best be reached by the metro (station Garibaldi on line 13). Map below.
Paris flea market website

Another information about it:
Paris: Where to Shop: Flea Markets:

Learn, Practice: Some Good French Movies

Watch: Some Good French Movies
Maybe, you are learning French. So, you are not good at it. You want to improve your French or you want to try practice your French. Maybe, you just want to watch a good French movie, doesn't matter. If you need some good French films for your French, you can read this.

Watching French films is a great way for students of French language to speed up the consolidation process of learning French.
Germain Tottet, from Saint Mandrier, South of France, our Film Editor, has chosen 10 of his favourite French flicks and recommends them for the French language learner.
Here we explain why watching French videos & DVD's is a great way to improve your French language skills, no matter what your level of French.

1) Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain: a happy French movie
2) Les visiteurs: Back to the future à la française!
3) Le Pere Noel est une ordure: Funny French film
4) Le grand bleu: a French spectacle movie - un film à grand spectacle
5) La Grande Vadrouille: Historical French comedy flick
6) “Les Bronzés”: Modern French Comedy film
7) Les bronzes font du ski: More French movie laughs
8) Le diner de con: More French Movie fun
9) Taxi: Movie action - a la française!
10) Germinal: Historical drama great for the student of French cinema

For more information about it:

Answer 1:

L'arnacoeur (with Romain Duris & Vanessa Paradis)
Le Petit Nicolas (Laurent Tirard)
Adèle Blanc-Sec (Luc Besson)
Océans (Ωcéans) (Jacques Perrin)
J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster (Samuel Benchetrit)

Answer 2:
Leon/The Professional was a joint venture between France and the US and is one of my favorite movies ever. It's like Boondock Saints meets Lolita. City of Lost Children is good, though a bit strange and scary. That one is like if Tim Burton ever made a live action film. If you're in the mood for comedy, The Dinner Party is fantastic (and was recently redone as a film in the US with Steve Carrell).

Answer 3:
The Fifth Element.
Nikita (remade into Point of No Return)
Cyrano de Begerac (if you are in the art mood)
Un diner de cons (comedy)
Indigenes (historical French/Algerian/Moroccan/Belge - Algerian soldiers story during WWII)

Answer 4:
My all time favourite French movie is 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' is is a mixture of love story, horror, action ,thriller and martial arts. A very good film with a great mix of acting talent. This would probably be a good one for listening to the French language.

Answer 5:
If you enjoy action films, the films Taxi, Taxi 2 and Taxi 3 are pretty good. These are probably the best type of film to watch as things like comedies, rom coms or documentary style films may be harder to follow while trying to learn and absorb some of the language

Answer 6:
La Haine
A Prophet
Mesrine:Killer Instict & Mesrine:Public Enemy No.1
District 13

Answer 7:
I would say Amelie it is really good! You said that you wanted to improve your french accent, the best thing to do is to fly to the country and blend in the the french people you'll pick it up trust me! The nowerdays are cheap! The best time to go is during school time when all the children are at school!
Goodluck with your french!

Which airport is better to fly into? - Paris City

Paris City: Which airport is better to fly into?

Both airports have good connections to the centre of Paris (Orly and CdG). CdG is probably easier, (direct train link via the RER) but Orly is actually nearer the town centre. Beauvais is an 80 minute coach journey from Porte Maillot, which is in Paris - a little longer, but very straightforward. But you may not in fact have a choice of airport, depending upon which airlline you use and from where you are coming!

You might like to visit the catacombs, the Cité de la Musique, the Geode and the Cité des Sciences.. Look them up on google to get a better idea of what they are!

Where can I buy polaroid film in Paris?

Where can I buy polaroid film in Paris?

Answer 1:
Some camera stores at Boulevard Beaumarchais sell them, be prepared to pay at least 20€ per pack though.

Answer 2:

1) Negativ+:

106, rue La Fayette
75010 Paris

2) Itinéraire
01 45 23 41 60

3) Prophot

They have several shops, so check to see which one is closest to you, and which ones sell film.

How to rent an apartment in Paris?

How to rent an apartment in Paris?

Paris Apartments For Rent - Live Your Dream
Paris is a town of pleasure and romance and is one of the best holiday destinations of the world. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower as well as experience all the wonderful attractions that Paris has to offer. Paris, being a city of love and romance, attracts a lot of people who visit Paris to have a nice romantic holiday with their loved ones. Apart from that, Paris also happens to be the Fashion capital of the world and many people come to witness the amazing fashion shows. All these said, you might be wondering about the amount of money you'd have to shell out if you want to stay in Paris for a few days or maybe weeks. Well, things can get expensive if you decide to stay in a hotel, but if you're looking for an alternative then you can try the Rental Paris Apartments.

Top 3 Benefits of Staying in an Apartment Hotel
As a matter of fact, many tourists would like to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. Nevertheless, the vast varieties of places to stay often confuse them. There will be pros and cons in whichever place you choose. As a result, many would pick the 'in between' choice, which is an apartment hotel.

Want to go to Paris for a vacation but confused with the best place to stay? If you are puzzled, this article will help you clear your doubts.

What is an apartment hotel? It simply means a type of accommodation described as a serviced apartment complex that uses a hotel style booking system. It is similar to renting an apartment, but the advantage is that it has no fixed contracts and occupants are free to 'check-out' whenever they like. In other words, apartment hotels are basically very flexible types of accommodation as they combine the features of both hotels and apartments. Here are a few benefits of staying in an apartment hotel in Paris:

Benefits of staying in an apartment hotel:

1. The length of stay can be varied with anywhere from days to months or even years. This is almost like staying in a hotel. You can 'check-in' and 'check-out' whenever you wish. If you were to rent an apartment, the rentals would be based on months or even weeks at least. Therefore, if you are having a short vacation but do not want to spend much on accommodation, try apartment hotels.

2. It usually offers a complete fully fitted apartment instead of the rigid format of a hotel room. If you want to feel like a Parisian at home, I would not suggest you to stay in a luxurious hotel. Of course, staying in a high-class hotel would be a memorable experience, but you cannot feel how a Parisian lives in this wonderful city.

3. Basic amenities are usually equipped in it. Everything you need to feel like home - kitchen, bedrooms, living room, television, refrigerator, washing machine and etc. Furthermore, in terms of cooking your own meal, an apartment hotel in Paris definitely has the edge over a hotel

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Hotel America Opera Paris

Hotel America Opera Paris

The Hotel America Opera Paris is ideally located between Opera square and Montmartre, in the department stores district, next to 10 buse lines and 4 metro stations. The Hotel America Opera is located in a quiet street. Enjoy the "home" designed facade (typical of Paris) covered the lobby with oak and comfortable rooms.

Make yourself at home while away from home! There is a cozy and friendly atmosphere thanks to the multilingual and friendly staff. One of the best value hotel in Paris!

This review is based on a very brief stay, of one night, on my way through Paris on the way back to the U.S.

Hotel staff were friendly, helpful, and courteous. I speak a little French, but not well, and the staff members at the desk were patient and tolerant about my lousy French. They spoke excellent English, so it was easier to shift into English. English-only speakers should feel comfortable here.

Nice restaurants and bistros were within easy walking distance.

Room and hotel facilities were modern, clean, and very functional. Amenities in the room were fully adequate, but not lavish (i.e., no clock, iron, ironing board, or coffee maker, as one often finds in U.S. hotels, but I do not consider these essential). There was a safe in the room for valuables, and a TV. The bathroom and shower facilities were immaculate.

The available soap and shampoo is from a dispenser of combined shampoo and shower gel at the sink and in the shower. The dispenser in my shower was empty, and I had to go out to the sink and get soap/shampoo from the dispenser and carry it into the shower.

The location was fine, although I was there only briefly and did not have much time to move around the city. Friends from Paris took me on a walk up to Montmartre, which was a long walk but very nice, through some important points in Paris. On my last and only morning, a friend and I walked to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysee. Again, it was a long walk of over a mile, but a very nice one, that got us to the magnificent avenue. If we had more time, we could have walked to the other major attractions at the other end of the Champs-Elysee. We took a cab back to the hotel because we needed to catch flights out. It was easy to catch a cab at the Arc de Triomphe. The cab driver was pleasant, and took us directly to the hotel, with a reasonable price for the ride. (Getting directly to one's destination by cab, with reasonable fare, is not always possible in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere).

The friend and I had a rental car, and drove later that morning to CDG. The directions from the hotel were easy to follow and we got to CDG with no problems in about 20 minutes.

The hotel is not inexpensive, but the room prices are very reasonable in relation to the value. I highly recommend this hotel for those seeking a nice hotel in Paris.

Room facilities
* AM / FM Alarm Clock
* Hairdryer
* International Direct Dial
* Mini Bar
* Radio
* 24-hour room service
* Cable TV
* Wake-up
* Mini Bar
* Wireless Internet Access

* Babysitting / Child Services
* Car Rental
* Concierge Desk
* Change
* Parking (50)
* Laundry Service
* Safe
* Concierge Service
* Change

Dining & Entertainment
* Bar
* Dining room

Conference Room
* Meeting Rooms

More Photos
You can view hotel room pictures, hotel facilities and amenities.

Source: HolidayCity

Location Map
Opera Nearby Galeries Lafayette and shopping area nearby Montmarte nearby Moulin Rouge nearby Champs Elysees 5 mins by Metro (ou 3 metro station away) Hotel America Opera Paris is located in the centre of an authentically Parisian quarter, a haven of peace between Opera Garnier, Montmartre and many department stores. The hotel is located close to Galeries Lafayette, Montmarte, Moulin Rouge and Champs Elysees.
Click here for Location Map

Ratings Three Stars

Promotional Rates and Availability
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Discovering Paris

Discovering Paris

Visiting Paris gives you many options to consider. Most tours will guide you through the history of Paris. Tours are known to take tourist around Paris during day and night hours respectively. Some tour guides offer you pick up and drop off at your hotel and others will just pick you up. The length of time it takes varies depending on the tour and how much time you have. There are many choices to choose from.

How about a city tour taking up 3 ½ hours of your time with a guide and a minibus to take you to see the most major sites of Paris. As you come upon these sites your guide with tell you the history of each area you visit, making it an enjoyable and a learning experience for everyone.

Don’t have 3 ½ hours then take a shorter tour of the city. See the must see spots in the capital city of France in 2 hours instead. The trip will be shorter but just as enjoyable.

Have a little more time than 2 or 3 hours to tour the city. How about seeing the entire major spots of the city and ends your tour with lunch at the Eiffel tower. The bus will pick you up at your hotel but your return will be on your own. You’ll be able to see monuments, landmarks with the learning of history behind each one from you guide. End your tour at the Eiffel Tower for lunch. Because you have come here on a guided tour, there is no waiting at the elevator to take you to the restaurant and a table will be waiting for you. In Paris, you will enjoy sending a postcard back home with a stamp of the Eiffel Tower printed on the stamp.

Tours can be chosen in many different packages. Take a tour of the city and a short cruise down the Seine River. This package will only take 2 hours of your time.

Want to make a day of it. Try the city tour, lunch and cruise all in one package. A minibus will pick you up at your hotel and than there is a 2 hour orientation of the hot spots in the city of Paris. Go right from you tour of the city to the Seine River for more excitement on your cruise. You’ll be riding down the river in a glassed in boat making the perfect view for everyone aboard. Classic French music will be played from time to time for the relaxed mood while your having your lunch. Upon your return to the Eiffel Tower, you’ll go around the Statue of Liberty.

If you feel adventurous why not have lunch at the Eiffel Tower followed by a Cruise down the Seine River. Sounds fun doesn’t it. The bus will pick you up at the hotel with this package as well and give you a 2 hours ride around the city. The Eiffel Tower is the next stop for lunch with no waiting in line for the elevator or your table everything will be waiting for you upon your arrival. Enjoy your view and relax the cruise is about to start. Just walk across the street and aboard the boat for more fun and relaxation. You’ll have music to listen to as you ride down the river and the education is the greatest. Enjoy this tour and make you dreams come true.

Want to visit the largest museum in the world? Take the Louvre guided tour package. Here you’ll see many painting beginning from the 16th century. Louvre is known as the Palace of the kings of France. The Louvre has 800 years of history established in 1793.

Have fun with you tour.

How to choose the best hotel in Paris

How to choose the best hotel in Paris

How to consider hotels in Paris:
The hotel is rated, depending on courtesy of customer service, food, rooms, etc. If you know which hotel you want to stay in Paris, you can go online and find reviews. Look for the four and five star hotels. Three star hotels are good too. Paris’s hotels are designed to fit your needs. Many hotels in Paris offer special equipment for the handicapped, which is a good thing because you are many people with special needs.

Some of the best-rated hotels in Paris include the Hotel Bristol. The hotel is rated three stars. The hotel is near Champ-Ely sees and the Madeleine; this hotel is also rated with 3 stars, since it is the Hotel Castes and its near Musee Du Louvre. Another fabulous hotel in Paris is the three star, Hotel Luxemboubou Parc near St Germain. Many other hotels in Paris are rated at three also. The hotels are all very nice hotels and remember that Paris wants you to love Paris the way they love it, so the managers work hard to accommodate you. Paris hotel managers are confident that the entire family will enjoy their stay. The hotels all serve daily breakfast, which is a good way to start your morning.

Keep in mind when choosing hotels in Paris, remembering that you want to stay at near areas where you may want to visit. For instance, if you want to visit the Aldaz restaurant, search for a hotel in this region.

How to choose the best restaurants in Paris

How to choose the best restaurants in Paris

When choosing your restaurant you want to visit in Paris, you should consider your budget. You should also consider your disliked and likes. Keep in mind that not every restaurant in Paris severs French dishes. You have a choice of pizza shops, French diners, well-rounded menus and more.

To learn more about Paris’s dishes and restaurants you may want to talk with your local travel agent or go online to review the various diners. If you consider your budget and tastes first, it will help you make good choices. There are many choices to choose from in the beautiful country of Paris, France.

How to choose your restaurant:
When it come to food you what the best, so let’s see what we can come up with while visiting Paris. If you are in the mood for some Middle Eastern food you will want to try out this resonant for size, it is the Aldaz. Perhaps you do not have an Eastern taste, and then visit the Aubacou, which serves some of the tastiest French dishes in town.

You maybe on a tour and be in a hurry to eat so you may want to go to the Angelina which is a tea café that serves sandwiches and salad for all the busy people on the ran. Then they have the Blue Elephant which Asia food is served here. As you see, when you walk down the streets of Paris you have many choices to make.

How can I call to US from Paris?

How do I call the US when I'm in Paris

1. First you need to dial the number to get out of France: 00

2. Then dial the US country code: 1

3. Then dial the area code, and the remainder of the number of your party

Your number looks like: 00 1 XXX XXX XXXX