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Shopping Map: Flea Markets in Paris

Shopping Map: Flea Markets in Paris

Open on a Sunday in Paris?
Answer: I don't know if you like Flea Markets (Marches des Puces)-- if you do, Sunday is the absolute best day to see them. I was only able to go to one while I was in Paris over the summer, but oh, did I wish I had more time.
IMO -- the best is Saint Ouen. Along rue de Rosiers, take the metro to Porte de Clingancourt. There is absolutely everything here. Open from about 9:00 - 6:00pm. The earlier in the day you go, the better it will be. I wouldn't go past noon.
I also really like the market at Place d'Aligre -- but you have to go early. Anything after noonish and you miss the best vendors. It is a smaller market, but the vendors are much more interested in haggling, which is fun, even in limited French. Lots of fruits and vegetables, clothing, knick knacks, some books, and a disturbing amount of what seemed to me to be pilfered cultural artifacts from Bali and SE Asia.

Paris Flea Market
Paris flea market is called "Le marche aux puces de Saint-Ouen". Inaugurated in 1885, it extends over six hectares in Saint-Ouen, a city close to Paris.
The Paris flea market welcomes every week 70 000 visitors during its opening days (Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays). The flea market is one of Paris most famous shopping venues.
The Paris flea market has 2000 shops selling everything from stylish furniture to old postcards.
In the fifties and sixties, the Paris flea market had a reputation as a place where you could buy intereseting old furniture at very low prices.
This is not the case anymore, but the Paris flea market is still a very interesting place to visit.
The choice is large. Prices are moderate to high.
The flea market is very Parisian. It is a true shopping experience. See flea market map below.
The Paris flea market is located on the edge of Paris in a popular and mostly ethnic district. It is close to Montmartre. Locate it on Paris map.
The Paris flea market is open from 10am to 7pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
The flea market can best be reached by the metro (station Garibaldi on line 13). Map below.
Paris flea market website

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