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Learn, Practice: Some Good French Movies

Watch: Some Good French Movies
Maybe, you are learning French. So, you are not good at it. You want to improve your French or you want to try practice your French. Maybe, you just want to watch a good French movie, doesn't matter. If you need some good French films for your French, you can read this.

Watching French films is a great way for students of French language to speed up the consolidation process of learning French.
Germain Tottet, from Saint Mandrier, South of France, our Film Editor, has chosen 10 of his favourite French flicks and recommends them for the French language learner.
Here we explain why watching French videos & DVD's is a great way to improve your French language skills, no matter what your level of French.

1) Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain: a happy French movie
2) Les visiteurs: Back to the future à la française!
3) Le Pere Noel est une ordure: Funny French film
4) Le grand bleu: a French spectacle movie - un film à grand spectacle
5) La Grande Vadrouille: Historical French comedy flick
6) “Les Bronzés”: Modern French Comedy film
7) Les bronzes font du ski: More French movie laughs
8) Le diner de con: More French Movie fun
9) Taxi: Movie action - a la française!
10) Germinal: Historical drama great for the student of French cinema

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Answer 1:

L'arnacoeur (with Romain Duris & Vanessa Paradis)
Le Petit Nicolas (Laurent Tirard)
Adèle Blanc-Sec (Luc Besson)
Océans (Ωcéans) (Jacques Perrin)
J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster (Samuel Benchetrit)

Answer 2:
Leon/The Professional was a joint venture between France and the US and is one of my favorite movies ever. It's like Boondock Saints meets Lolita. City of Lost Children is good, though a bit strange and scary. That one is like if Tim Burton ever made a live action film. If you're in the mood for comedy, The Dinner Party is fantastic (and was recently redone as a film in the US with Steve Carrell).

Answer 3:
The Fifth Element.
Nikita (remade into Point of No Return)
Cyrano de Begerac (if you are in the art mood)
Un diner de cons (comedy)
Indigenes (historical French/Algerian/Moroccan/Belge - Algerian soldiers story during WWII)

Answer 4:
My all time favourite French movie is 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' is is a mixture of love story, horror, action ,thriller and martial arts. A very good film with a great mix of acting talent. This would probably be a good one for listening to the French language.

Answer 5:
If you enjoy action films, the films Taxi, Taxi 2 and Taxi 3 are pretty good. These are probably the best type of film to watch as things like comedies, rom coms or documentary style films may be harder to follow while trying to learn and absorb some of the language

Answer 6:
La Haine
A Prophet
Mesrine:Killer Instict & Mesrine:Public Enemy No.1
District 13

Answer 7:
I would say Amelie it is really good! You said that you wanted to improve your french accent, the best thing to do is to fly to the country and blend in the the french people you'll pick it up trust me! The nowerdays are cheap! The best time to go is during school time when all the children are at school!
Goodluck with your french!

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