Saturday, December 25, 2010

Le Forum des Halles, Paris - Shopping

Le Forum des Halles, Paris - Shopping

This is your basic shopping mall with middle of the road level clothing, not too expensive, not too cheap, but cheaper than many stores on the street. I found several stores to shop in. The most intriguing thing about the place was the design. While slightly dated, I enjoyed exploring the grounds, particularly coming out of the food court area to the surface. The mall is a little confusing to find your way around once inside, but it gave me the opportunity to look at things more than once. There were far less people in the mall than in other places, plus it is protected from weather being that it is underground. Food court was lame, but the bathroom in the restaurant was free to walk in and.... I would eat above ground nearby.I must note that I liked this place much better than Galleries Lafayette, which, while a beautiful building, was a mess of people and stuff everywhere, too chaotic. Open every day but Sunday 10-7:30. The is also a parking garage nearby.

Is Les Halles shops opened on sundays?
Open every day but Sunday 10-7:30.

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