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Suggestions for school trip to Paris - France

Suggestions for school trip to Paris - France

What do you wear on a school trip to France?
I'd recommend dressing up a bit, just so you don't look like a tourist. Try full, calf length skirts, a nice cotton tank, and a fitted jacket. Also, some skinny jeans and a flowy top, and you can throw a fitted jacket over if it gets chilly at night. Another idea: dress up a t and some jeans with a cute scarf. Add comfortable flats and some bangles.
Some suggestions:…………

I am going on a school trip to france. Any advice? Fashion? Bad food? Customs? Things to look out for?
I went there on a school trip two years ago. It was great! What i suggest to you though is that if you really want to do something and it is not in the itinerary then ask your tour guide or teacher if you can, like i got my class to go to the Musee d'orsay because i wanted to go.

When you want to shop you should try and go to the less touristy areas for some more real french things.

Be care full of beggars and dodgy sales people! They pray on tourist, specially on young ones. They may come up to you and say something like 'I need money for my children' or it might be on a note, the best thing to do is just walk away. Some dodgy sales people may run up to you and try to get you to buy their goods, usually stolen souvenirs, just say no and walk off and they should hurt you. Also there are some pick pocketers so be aware of that. In the metro especially. My whole class, we actually put out backpacks on the front of ourselves instead of our backs so we could see them.

Some french food is raw, so don't order any raw food.

I can't really help you about the fashion thing because your not telling us when your going, really depends the season you go. Winter have very warm clothes, summer t-shirts and you might need some clothes for mildy cold weather and in autumn and spring clothes for both cool and warm weather.

Hmm customs, well even though lot's of french people speak english, they won't want to speak english to you, they are proud of their country and language and annoying tourist expecting them to speak english can upset them. So try to speak to them in french, learning the basic tourist french isn't hard if you have a little book with you. Also, if they say something to you and you don't understand say "Je suis desole, jai na comprende pas" - which means 'I am sorry, i do not understand'. Or just say pardon.

Going on my trip to france was the best experience of my life! Try new things and make sure you have fun!

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