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Two Days in Paris - Where to visit

Two Days in Paris- Where to visit

Best things to do for 2 days in Paris
You don't have to worry about things being closed. The tourist attractions in Paris are not the sort of things that close off season.

You can see quite a lot in 2 days since most of the tourist attractions are in a fairly narrow belt on wither side of the Seine. Paris is also a very compact city and much physically smaller than, for example, London or New York.

There are a lot of museums in Paris and just the Louvre is so big that you could spend months in it and not see everything. So you'll have to decide what your priorities are.

Here's a little list of things you should see in two days:

Notre Dame Cathdral
Sacre Coeur
Sainte Chapelle
Place St. Michel
Place des Vosges
Tuileries Gardens
Arc du Carousel
Arc de Triomphe and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Champs Elysee
La Madelaine
Invalides and the tomb of Napoleon
Luxembourg Gardens
Musee D'Orsay
Centre Pompidieu
Place Bastille
Cluny Museum

Another Answer about "2 Days in Paris"
Two days is about enough time to scratch the surface of Paris, but not much else. So much to do and see. In two days, I think this is what I would prioritize:

Day one:
Eiffel Tower
Sainte-Chapelle & Notre Dame (a block away from each other)
Arc de Triomphe
Anytime left over, do the casual thing and just walk around. They have beautiful gardens and architecture. Be sure to sit along the river and just take it in for awhile - a great place for a picnic.

Day Two:
I would spend day two doing the museums or Versailles. The Louvre can suck you in for an entire day if you aren't careful, so be sure to know what you want to see and how much time you want to spend. Otherwise you'll spend the whole day there. I actually enjoyed Musee d'Orsay more than the Louvre. Less volume but still high quality pieces. I enjoyed the statue garden at Rodin also. There is so much to see, try not to loose your whole day at the Louvre.
If art isn't your thing, head to Versailles. It's a beautiful (slightly ostentatious) estate with a unique and violent history and great gardens. Another place that is nice for a picnic. Technically, you could do both Versailles and a few museums if you were careful with your time. But if you wanted to do it more casual I'd only choose one.

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