Sunday, January 30, 2011

What can i buy in Paris?

Street venders under the Eiffel tower sell mini models of the tower for 1 euro. You can bargain if you get 10 or 20. From Place Blanc/Place Pigalle and to the west to the Gotte de Or (african district), there are a few nick-nack stores that have the typical souvenirs. I got a scarf for a gf and draped it over Jim Morrison's tomb and then took a picture. She loved it. Send postcards to all your friends. But the postage will cost you more than the card.

Went to Paris and bought all my family members Effiel Tower key chains. They appreciated them. Also you can get a berets. If money isn't a problem you can also get Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Also you can go to the red light district (Moulin Rouge) and they have tons of crazy shops you can get gag gifts.

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