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Romantic Restaurants in Paris for Valentine's Day

Romantic Restaurants in Paris for Valentine's Day

Paris Romantic Restaurants - Valentine's Day 2011
There some useful answers about Romantic Restaurants in Paris for having unforgettable Valentine's Day 2011.
La Coupe Chou in the Latin quarter is very nice. Like many other restaurants they have a Valentine's Day special menu.,-2008-Saint-Valentin-_a105.html?PHPSESSID=17d8ae5ee71ea0e209cf3313d06d8e58

Another nice choice would be the Bel Canto where your meal is served by opera singers who perform throughout the evening. there are two, one in Neuilly and the other by the Hotel de Ville.

The Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. The food is fixed prix, the view is spectacular and it is tres romantique!!! What a great place to have Valentine's. It is not far from the Arc, either!

Le Grand Colbert for good, authentic French food
Metro- Bourse/Pyramides

La Grande Cascade for seafood
Metro- Porte maillot/Neuilly

Les Ambassadeurs if you feel like going all out for some of the best food in Paris
Metro- Concorde

The first two fit nicely into the budget you suggested, but the third might be a little on the high side. Have fun in Paris!

L'Auberge Bressane is nice, and around that price. Check out

I thought Le Tresor in the Marais was romantic. Here's a link to some photos. My friends and I actually sat at the table in the first photo; I sat in the gold chair!

There was a really nice , but it wasn't really "Romantic" though,
in Calais, they served really nice frog dishes, and a couple of other mussells /mules dishes...

I think you would find Romantic Restaurant on the suburb of Paris...

There are loads out there, or try near the Eiffel Tower, at 7 PM onwards it looks fabulously, Romantic,...
It's just beautiful.

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