Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun places to go in Paris, France?

So far, I want to go to the Eiffel Tower. Any other places to visit?

I'll rank them in order of importance; and well, "fun-ness":

1. Eiffel tower (obviously)
2. The Louvre (a must)
3. Notre Dame (still a must)
4. Riverboat tour on the Seine River (very fun) 
5. Bus tour around the center (don't forget to sit on the top deck)
6. Shopping (even if you're male)
7. Palace of Versailles (informative; don't forget to bring a gallon of sunblock)
8. Metro (even this is fun) 

There are tons more to do. This is just from my trip to Paris.

or the Museum of Aeronautical and Space at Le Bourget or sewers, catacombs, the city of science, museum quay d'Orsay, the "Saint Ouen flea market"

Disneyland Paris

I had been to Paris for 4 days on a trip in 2009 and i can tell you where all i have been and the most famous places you can visit,Since you want to visit Eiffel Tower i will tell you the three most famous places in Paris i have Visited:

1.Disnleyland Paris-If you are a fan of Disney,then you would want to go to one of the most visited Disneylands and one of the most popular Disneylands in the World ever.

2.Musee du Louvre-This Musuem is one of the most visited Musems in the world,as there is the World's most famous and amazing painting called as the Mona Lisa.

3.Palace of Versailles-Which is one famous palace which is definetly worth while to visit.

These are the places i have gone to,as i was just travelling for 4 days,there are other many places in Paris to visit,but however since these 4 places took 4 days to visit,and as these places were really famous in Paris,i decided to visit all these places in Paris,France

I Hope you really enjoy these places

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