Monday, September 13, 2010

Paris Business

Business trip to Paris

They are planning a business trip to Paris. Paris is one of the most active business cities in the world and a very exciting city. Let's make the most out of your trip on the business and leisure travelers pages.

On the business side, you can save us time and money. We help you in organizing transport from the airport to Paris and Paris to find a great hotel and the best restaurants.

Come on the leisure side, not to Paris without having some of your time of the discovery of the biggest attractions. You can go on a tour or river cruise.

See also our nightlife and events pages. Shopping is definitely something you should consider.

We give you informed and unbiased advice to Parisians who know Paris, and. Have a great business trip to Paris

Business in Paris
Paris is a basis for strategic tasks in Europe. 75% of multinational companies with over 500 employees, chose Paris for its European headquarters to find many of them in La Defense.

The Paris region has the highest concentration of international headquarters of the 500 largest companies in Europe.
Paris hosts the French government, 150 embassies and the headquarters of international organizations such as Eutelsat, the European Space Agency, the OECD, UNESCO and UNICEF.

Paris is the world's number two for the city office of international organizations behind Brussels, in London and New York.

Paris is the economic heart of France and Europe, one of the main economic actors with

> A population of 11 million inhabitants,

> A GDP of 457 billion euros in 2004

> The highest GDP per capita in Europe at € 38,000,

> Most of the workers in Europe to 5.5 million, mainly specializing in high value-added jobs,
> One of the highest concentrations of universities in Europe of excellence.

> 617 000 enterprises with branches of excellence such as electronics, food processing, aerospace, chemical and pharmaceutical

> A dominant service sector (especially business) with 81% of employees in the tertiary sector.

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