Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy Horse Paris

Crazy Horse Paris

Today, always, and forever, the dancers with provocative names like Bertha von Paraboum and Rosa Rumetto are woven into the choreography with great precision, along with a visual efficiency that highlights their bodies and movements. Sophie, Didier, and Pascale, the three children of Alain Bernardin (who died in 1994) who now oversee the cabaret, decided to celebrate fifty years of success in the most dignified manner. Last June, the slew of events included the inauguration of a second Crazy Horse in the MGM Grant Hotel in Las Vegas. Twelve of the thirty-two dancers in the troupe made the trip, and now they're dividing their time between France and the United States. And Hilton Mac Connico has designed a new façade and interior for 12 Avenue George V. A new frontier for Crazy Horse, a typical Parisian locale which everyone says they know without ever having been.

Theme: Nightclub - Cabaret
Open: Two shows a day, three on Saturdays.
Location: 12, avenue George V Paris 8
Phone: +33 1 47 23 32 32
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