Saturday, July 17, 2010

VIP Room Nightclub

VIP Room Nightclub

This is where the "beautiful people" go, the friends of Jean Roch, who knows many, hence some divine encounters, if you are in luck and happen to meet some stunning beauties straight from the TV or cinema screen. That said, the VIP Room is full every evening, and when you get to the room after making your way along a long sort of lit tube, you find yourself instantly in the swim of things; music, bar and clientele - definitely chic - all combine to create a magical atmosphere. Then there's the bouncer at the door: Sometimes he suddenly refuses to let you in for no apparent reason, meaning that it's a toss up, which can add a certain piquant to the evening. Anyway, a club that lets everyone and anyone in just wouldn't be Parisian, would it?

Theme: Dance club from midnight.
Location: 76 Ave des Champs-Elysées, 8th, M° George V Paris
Phone: +33 1 56 69 16 66
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