Thursday, August 4, 2011

Train-Tram route in Paris from CDG Airport?

Q: Hi, I have the following directions:
RER B from CDG to Cluny Sorbonne
Cluny Sorbonne: Line 10 metro to Michel Angel Molitor
Michel Angel Molitor: line 9 to Point De Sevres
Could someone kindly tell me what tickets should I buy at the CDG so that it is cheapest for me. I have to go to zone3. A "t" ticket allow transfer only between trams, or tram-RER, so am not sure that would work.

A: I've been to Paris twice and both times I used my train ticket to my final destination..which was in zone 1 (Anvers stop). I think your train ticket will be good to your last stop, but I think it would be easiest to ask the ticket agent at CDG to be sure. I also bought a Navigo pass at the same time. I did get a good street map and metro map as it is sometimes hard to figure out where you will pop out of the ground.

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