Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is the weather like in Paris at Christmas?

Q:Weather in paris at christmas?

A-1: Paris is north of all the major USA cities. It is almost at the 49th parallel. However the climate is almost always much milder and probably closer to cities like Washington DC. Last December,
there was a 4in snowfall and closed the airport and attraction like the Eiffel Tower. The snowfall was the biggest in 23 years. If you are coming from a tropical area, Paris and all northern European cities appear very dark and dreary. So, Christmas is generally a lovely time to visit. Great just shopping and taking in the sites. Not that cold, but for some visitors the darkness can be depressing.

A-2: Often a bit cold but not crazily like 10°C ( 50°F ), could be rainy, rarely snowing.
Weather is a bit hard to predict in France generally

A-3: its like new york

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